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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The changing of the seasons...

One of the things I love about living in Michigan is the changing of the season from summer to fall.  It's not too cold yet, as a couple Saturday Night Live characters would say "sweatah weathah", and there are still a few days sprinkled here and there of 70 to 80 degree weather.  We were even able to go out on our boat this past Sunday and the kids went swimming, in October!  Trips to the cider mill and fall bonfires are some of my favorite things, but the best part by far would be the colors.  Trees burn bright with blazing reds, vibrant oranges and radiant yellows, illuminating the landscape all around us.  Then unfortunately, after about a month or so, the leaves have all fallen... in my yard.  Piles and piles of leaves all over our yard.  Now, it's great fun for the kids of course.  They love jumping over and over again into the giant piles of leaves.  Last year we even made them the setting for our family picture.  I recall many times when I was a kid where my brother and I along with two of our friends would rake leaves at neighbors houses, bag them up and bring them to our house, just so we could dump them back out onto our lawn to get the biggest pile possible.  I'm sure this pleased my dad to no end :)  Once the kids have had their fun, it's time to bag them up.  This part is not fun, so I won't continue to write about that.  Especially since we live in a neighborhood with many, many, many old, huge, beautiful trees.  The number of bags of leaves we end up with usually ends up somewhere north of 60ish.  

So now that I've told you how much I love the fall colors, you can imagine my joy when I received an order for fall leave cookies for the dessert table at a wedding.  These were so much fun to make.  The bride-to-be requested lemon shortbread and almond shortbread.  As she was ordering quite a few I could do multiple flavors since it would require multiple batches anyhow.  I made the lemon shortbread cookies yellow of course, and the almond were done in orange with red accents.  A sprinkling of disco dust gave them the perfect shimmer reminiscent of fall trees lit up by the fiery autumn sun.   Now these are probably the only fall leaves that I have enjoyed bagging!

All of this reminiscing about fall made me want to share our family pics from last fall with all of you... enjoy!

Probably the only picture we managed to take where everyone was smiling AND looking at the camera!

The apples of our eye...
Our boys Zack & Haydn, and our daughter Ryann

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  1. Love these leaf cookies...and your kids are so cute!!!