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Friday, October 8, 2010

So many orders....

...but so much fun!  And so little time of course.  This has by far been my busiest week since I have launched my business.  Three dozen butterflies and flowers for a baby shower in Missouri, to be overnighted since the order just came in on Saturday and the shower is the following Saturday, a dozen horses as gifts to beloved nieces, assorted flowers & peace signs as a birthday present from one hippie to another (the gift giving hippie being my mom!), and three orders for the big football match up this weekend between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.  What good tailgating party doesn't need custom decorated shortbread cookies?  Oh and wait!  One more, five cookie bouquets as centerpieces for my good friend Sarah's baby shower this weekend!  Although that is the first order I received, it will be the last one to be completed since I have the convenience of personally delivering those when I go to the shower :)  So, those will be the last you'll see from this week's bake-fest.

What I can share with you tonight, are the adorable flowers and butterflies that were ordered by Monica in Missouri for her cousins baby shower this weekend.  Her cousin picked out the cutest nursery set from Lambs & Ivy.  Once she sent me the link to the set I knew I'd have so much fun with the cookies.

Who doesn't love pink & green together???

I was happy with how the cookies turned out, and based on Monica's response when I sent her the pics, she was too!

She'll have them by noon tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the cookie on display at what will be no doubt an adorable baby shower!

Two last peeks of some of the other orders this week, but you'll have to wait a few days for the rest.  I need to go to bed!

Peace out!  BAAA haha!  I couldn't resist!  Ok, I'm clearly very tired... night all:)


  1. Love, love the butterfly cookies.. They are great!!

  2. I am the Monica that Sara is referring to who ordered the butterfly cookies! I absolutely LOVED the cookies! They were a huge hit at the party! Thanks!