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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goodbye Halloween 2010!

Well it's finally November which means I'm happy to say means no more Halloween cookies!  My last big order of the month was a big hit, or so I was told by someone who attended the party that the six dozen assorted Halloween cookies was for.  It was quite a big event.  They did say that my cookies vanished much faster than the other treats on the table though.  YAY!


 Our own personal Halloween party (grown-ups only this time!) was also a big success.  This year we went with a theme, movie characters.  Our friends and neighbors did a great job with their costumes, with top prizes going to the Scooby Doo Crew, Prince, and Austin Powers and his Fembot (that would be me and my husband!).

Tasty cake balls from Terri's Treasures.  There were chocolate cats, pumpkin spice mummy's and strawberry aliens.  Glad I set a couple chocolate cats aside for myself, because they were all gone by the end of the night!

                                    Care for some skeleton dip?

I'm afraid I made the bat (chicken) wings too creepy to eat!

Napoleon Dynamite even came and drew us an awesome picture!

Your shagadelic hosts for the evening...

Best Overall winners, The Scooby Doo Gang (our dog Phoenix is filling in for the missing Scooby :)

Most Original, Purple Rain era Prince, or the Artist Formerly Known as Suzy

We're already thinking ahead to next years party, the theme - TV Characters!

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  1. Thank you Sara! I am so sorry we had to miss it again! Next year we will be there. Hopefully it won't fall on Mike's birthday again