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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I finally crack one hundred followers and then I start totally slacking on my blog!  Sorry all, but with Valentines Day and a girls weekend up north thrown in, I just could not find the time to sit much less blog.

So.... to catch up!

I have had quite a busy month so far between orders and networking and giveaways.  If any of you are in the central Illinois area, you may have seen my cookies on the local news the week before the Super Bowl (I'm a celebrity!  LOL!!!).  My friend Heather over at Pirates & Princesses did a spot on WCIA about Super Bowl treats.  Heather whipped up some DELICIOUS  looking cupcakes, and even topped some of them with green tinted coconut {astroturf} and my chocolate covered marshmallow footballs!  All of the awesome printables were from Shindig Parties to Go.
The adorable Heather from Pirates & Princesses
 You can see the full segment here:
Super Bowl Treats News

Valentines Day was of course a busy time here with cookie orders, and even some marshmallow requests.  Lots of assortments ordered and I was able to get creative and have fun with them.  Since I was in a crunch for time to pack up and get out of dodge for my girls weekend, I didn't get to take pics of them all, but here is a sampling...

My kitchen ADD also kicked in and I threw a new treat into the mix.  I have a big time salt addition (thankfully I don't have blood pressure issues!).  I have popcorn at least three times a week, the stove-top popped kind covered in nothing but {SALT}.  So when I first started seeing salted caramels on Etsy I thought, now THIS is a treat I could really love.

Say hello to the salted caramels.  These have been described now by three different people as {DANGEROUS}.  For my next trick I think I'm going to combine caramels with another one of my loves..... {COFFEE} !                

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