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Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!!!!!

Of course, anyone who knows me already knows that I love, love, LOVE Dr. Suess.  With his birthday coming up tomorrow (although technically his actual birthday is February 29th) I thought I'd share some of my Dr. Suess love with all of you.

When I was pregnant with our son Haydn, now 5, we did not find out if he was a girl or a boy during the pregnancy, instead opting for the awesome surprise {which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is expecting}.  So my husband and I had to agree on both a girl name and a boy name, and also choose a neutral decor for the nursery.  Since I've always loved Dr. Suess, we decided to go with that, but after searching the web were quite disappointed to find that there really wasn't a lot out there decor-wise for the good Dr.  I happened upon a blog where they had painted Cat in the Hat characters on the wall themselves, and decided that was the route we would take.  After choosing creatures and scenes from some of my favorite Dr. Suess books, I printed them onto transparency sheets and borrowed an overhead projector from my good friend Hazen who happens to be a teacher.  I projected the images onto the wall and outlined them in pencil, and after that the rest was painted by hand.  The gender-neutral nursery worked out perfectly since our daughter Ryann moved into it a short two years after Haydn.  Here is the result:

My absolute FAVORITE Dr. Suess book of all time is The Lorax, {a book I firmly believe all parents should read to their children repeatedly!} so scenes from that cover two walls of the nursery.

The bad old Oncler in his Oncler wagon, checking out the brown bar-ba-loots in their bar-ba-loot suits, humming fish humming, swomee swans and of course the prized Truffula Trees...

This cool little tree is from The Sleep Book (very appropriate for a nursery I thought!), a great bedtime story...

Of course we all know which book these little guys are from....

        As well as this dynamic duo...

These next two are also from The Sleep Book...

Earth's best friend, the Lorax.

I figured I may as well throw in the sneak peek pics of the Dr. Suess baby shower I'm making cookies for later this month.  These three were just hand-cut quickie test runs to give an example to the client.  Check back later this month for final pics on the Terri's Treasures Facebook page, as the always creative Terri is styling the shower!

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

                - Dr. Seuss


  1. I can't believe you painted all of that. Incredible! Love the cookies too!

  2. Beautiful!! You are so incredibly talented in many ways, Sara!

  3. Like I have said a thousand times, You are a true artist!! I have alwasy loved that room! BTW, when the shower is over I am using the "backdrop" to make a Dr. Seuss bathroom and guess who I want to paint it???? XXOO, love ya girl!

  4. Oh, I love Dr. Seuss!! What a fantastic room!!!

  5. OMGoodness, your children's room is AWESOME, what a fun fun place for them to grow =) And those green eggs & ham cookies, so unique! Now following here on your blog too. Stop by when you have a chance =)

  6. So glad to have discovered your fabulous products and fun blog, via Southern Belle's Charm! In fact, we just linked up to your adorable St. Patrick's Day cookies in the latest article of The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza!

  7. Following you now - your products look amazing. I can't get over the detail! Also, loving this children's room! How cute! Look forward to reading more! Visit me if you get a chance! I'd love it!

    Jessica @