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Monday, April 18, 2011

April birthdays....

As I've mentioned before, one of the great parts of doing what I do, is all of the amazingly creative women that I have had the pleasure to meet (well, cyber-meet in most cases!).  This month, two of those amazing women had birthday parties for their sweet little ones and I was lucky enough to be able to provide cookies for their creations.  In both cases I was provided with a copy of the invitation to use as inspiration.  The tiny aspect of cookies was all I provided, but as you'll see, both of these creative gals went well above and beyond a simple coordinated cookie for their little ones!

Kristin at {Stampin' Fanatic!} threw an adorably bright and cheery BEE-day party for her equally adorable daughter Grace's second birthday.  For more party pics check out Kristin's blog {here}.

BEE-eautiful invitation designed by Kristin herself!
The coordinating cookies 
And the amazing dessert table they were display on
Bee cake balls by my frequent partner in
sweets-crime, Terri's Treasures

Party photo's courtesy of {Stampin' Fanatic!}

The next April birthday I had the pleasure of making some sweet treats for was Jenny of {Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line}.  Jenny was throwing an "April Showers" themed third birthday party for her sweet little boy Noah.  The invitation that Jenny provided me with for inspiration was designed by {Pen N' Paperflowers}.  In this case, I used the super-cute embroidered-look design of the invite and transferred it directly to the cookies.  Jenny really did an amazing job with this party, right down to the fact that it even rained on the party day!  For more pics of her outrageously original party, check out Jenny's blog {here}.

How cute is that 'Grab an Umbrella' set up!!!!

Party Photo's courtesy of {Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line}

Thanks again to Kristin and Jenny for letting me be a part of their amazingly creative parties!  I look forward to working with both of you again soon!


  1. Awww! Thanks for highlighting my shindig, Sara! The cookies were a HUGE hit... my Nama said they were the BEST lemon shortbread she's ever had! ;)

  2. Came across these 2 fabulous parties on separate posts, and just loved all the creative details. Your beehive and cloud cookies were adorable additions!

  3. Sara, I can't thank you enough for your amazing work! Your cookies really helped set the tone for the party! I was blown away by the detail of each cookie and better yet, they were delicious!