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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The birds and the bees.....

Well, not in the sense you're thinking, but sort of!  This past week I had two separate baby shower orders that featured birds.  One was an order placed by a very gracious mom-to-be.  She planned to give the cookies to her friends and family as a thank you for their gifts.  They have not found out the sex of their baby, and do not plan to, so are going with a very gender neutral nursery in non-traditional colors.  She sent me a few pictures of some of the bird-related artwork that will adorn the nursery walls for inspiration, and I went from there.  They definitely were not your typical cartoon-like bird cookie!

The parents to be had me include a tag on each cookie expressing thanks from them and the baby

The other baby shower order was for centerpieces to serve as decor as well as prizes for the guests.  This time I was provided with one of the invitations for inspiration, which also included birds (thankfully this time a little more of the cartoony variety!)

Thanks again to my customers for the fun creative orders, and congrats to the mom's-to-be for each respective shower, Julie and Honor!

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