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Friday, April 15, 2011

I am a HUGE nerd.... STRIKES BACK!!!

Okay, so I hope you all get the Star Wars reference in this blog title, because if not, you clearly aren't nerdy enough to be reading this post....
First, let me apologize for being such a lazy blogger!  It's been nearly a month since my last post.  What the heck am I doing anyways?  Oh yeah, baking and decorating dozens upon dozens of cookies in between taking care of three kids while my husband is traveling for work again.  And playing on two indoor soccer leagues.  And trying to keep my house clean.  And laundry.  Have I mentioned how much I hate laundry?  Sorry, I digress.  The last few weeks have been very busy with orders for everything from baby showers and birthdays to the upcoming Easter of course.  I have a few different fun cookie orders to post along with stories to go with them, so hopefully I'll be able to find the time to do blog posts about them soon.  I did drop a very obvious hint to my husband that a laptop would be a great Mothers Day/Anniversary present (our anniversary is the day before :).  That would certainly help with the blogging.

Now, cue the Star Wars music....

After my last blog post which also showed that Williams-Sonoma had come out with another awesome Star Wars cookie cutter set, I received an order for the Star Wars ships for a birthday party.  I wanted to get them  anyways, now I had the perfect reason! Now, for the most part, I decorated them pretty much the same as the Williams-Sonoma ones, with the exception of the Death Star.  I'm sorry {WS}, but the Death Star is not blue.  I also added the little red dot at the center of the circle since that is where the big crazy laser shoots out that blows up Princess Leia's home planet in the original Star Wars movie.  See.  I told you I was a nerd.
For the photo shoot this time, I did not take the time to dig through all of our Lego's to find all of the Stars Wars Lego characters.  When I did that for the last Star Wars cookie set, I couldn't find Darth Maul's hood.  I finally gave up and just put girl hair on him (it was still black at least!).  When I was editing the pictures for the blog post, my 5 year old comes in and says, "Hey, that's not what Darth Maul wears!"  I told him I couldn't find his hood, so he goes downstairs and comes back with it from out of the toy and Lego riddled basement in less than two minutes.  This time I was lazy and just grabbed the few action figures I could find.
Everyone's favorite inter-galactic couple, Han Solo and Princess Leia
Leia - "I love you."  Han - "I know"
So romantic!
I'm pretty sure the guy on the right is actually a Jedi and not a bad guy,
but his light saber broke off his hand, so I can't tell ;)

"Use the force Luke!"

The Star Wars cookies have given me an idea for another cookie set featuring another favorite of the 70's/80's.  When I have time to play I'll do those for fun and you can see more of my nerdy side.  It's a pretty big side as I'm sure you've all guessed by now ;)

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