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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Princesses and tea parties....

More catching up on some of the other fun orders I have had over the last couple of months....

If you've been following my last few {incredibly infrequent} blog posts, then you probably saw that I am a big giant Star Wars nerd.  In the initial Star Wars cookie post I mentioned what a tomboy I was growing up.  So I'm sure you can guess that I not a huge fan of all things princess, which is what all girl toys seem to be geared towards these days.  I look up to two princesses: Princess Leia and Wonder Woman {Amazon princess!}.  So you can imagine how excited I was when a customer contacted me about ordering Star Wars cookies and was wondering if I could make a Princess Leia cookie for the girls who would be in attendance at her son's party!  Now that's my kind of mom!

I searched around online looking for a not-to-intricate black and white drawing of the almighty cinnamon-bun haired Leia, and was lucky enough to find this great tutorial on how to draw her here.  Her face in the final drawing was exactly what I was looking for.

I did two test cookies first to see how she would turn out and she looked pretty good, except that her eyes looked like they were popping out of her head!  For the final cookies I choose to leave out the white part of her eyes because that is what was creating the bug-eyed affect.  I was pretty happy with the final draft!  Here she is flanked by Luke's X-Wing Fighter and everyone's favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett.

My other recent venture into princess cookies was for a mom who wanted actual princesses as cookies for her daughters birthday party.  She was looking for a combination of princess cookies and tiaras.  My first pass at the princess cookie was by using my 'girl' gingerbread man cutter, but since I needed to put hair on the princess, she ended up looking like she had a great big body and a little bitty head.

Not really the look I was going for!

After that I decided I would just do a princess design on an oval cookie.  Much happier with how that turned out!  Of course since she's a princess I had to 'glam' her up with a little disco dust :)

 And here are the tiaras to match!

One of the other 'girly' parties was a tea-party themed birthday party for the adorable two-year old daughter of Jeannine at Whimsical Printables.  She had designed these adorable invitations and water bottle labels for her daughters party so those were my cookie inspiration.

Stay tuned for more posts to catch up on the last couple months.  Since I'm doing new orders and designs every week, I wonder how I'll ever catch up the blog to the orders!


  1. Cuuuuuuuute
    my daughter is 7 and she would flip for these

  2. Those "2" cookies are adorable! Love the colors & the polka dots. :-)