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Sunday, January 23, 2011

For the love of marshmallows...

So as you know, I recently added marshmallows to the Dandy Delights line-up.  Back before Christmas, I had seen a few posts and links to flavored marshmallows on Facebook and some of the blogs that I follow.  I had received some tasty chocolate ones from Williams-Sonoma as a hostess gift a few years back, but had never considered that I could make them myself.  So I bookmarked a few marshmallow recipes I found on-line and then the craziness of Christmas cookies began and they were sort of swept to the back of my head, hiding in the cobwebs with countless other 'ideas' I have had (sort of like the chair I started re-upholstering eight years ago that remains halfway done up in our loft! I will finish it!!!).

Fast forward to January.  In talking with Natalie at Southern Belle's Charm about her Valentines party that she was planning, she asked if I did marshmallows because she had really been wanting to use some on one of her FAB dessert tables.  Well, that and a bad case of kitchen ADD was all the prodding I needed to dig that idea back out of the attic and give it a try.  Since orange was one of the colors in her plan, my first flavor attempt was {Orange Creme}, and I must say, they were PHENOMENAL!  The ones I sent to Natalie were pale orange and heart shaped, and I also threw in some mini-heart shortbread cookies as well.

Photo courtesy of Southern Belle's Charm
Photo courtesy of Southern Belle's Charm


The weekend after I made that first batch, my husband and I were getting together for wine and apps at a friends house in the neighborhood.  I brought the rest of the marshmallows and they were a big hit.  We even sparked up the stovetop and found that they get even better toasted!

The next two batches included {Vanilla Butter Nut} and {Cherry Vanilla}.  For the {Cherry Vanilla} batch I was bringing them for the dessert stop at our neighborhood progressive dinner, so I covered some of them in dark chocolate and some in white chocolate, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, like candy baby!

The most recent batch (which are one of the prizes in the super-fab Valentines giveaway going on right now over at Celebration Today...The Superchick Way!) are strawberry covered in dark chocolate.

Who knew marshmallows could look so elegant?

Next Up: {Butterscotch Marshmallows} 
Not because I actually have an order for them or anything, but just because I HAVE to try them in hot chocolate!!!  One batch makes quite a bit, so let me know if you want any.  I don't think my jeans will be happy with me if I eat them all myself!  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentines Day is right around the corner....

and I'm already thinking of all the delicious treats I'll be making... and eating.  I'll be making my loved ones, and my kids classmates, cookies of course, some in the new smash hit (with the fam anyways ;) flavor peanut butter shortbread.  

One of the things I love about Valentines cookies is their versatility...

They can be fun...


Or elegant...

Or a little sexy...

Or even a little racy...

But three things are certain no matter what kind of cookies you get for your loved ones on Valentines Day: 

1.  They're guaranteed to be the right size
2. They won't wilt and die if you forget to water them
3. And they won't cost you and arm and a leg!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Superhero Party for my little Superhero...

Five years ago last week, my sweet little middle child Haydn came into this world.  One week late and nearly 10 pounds, he made his entrance a memorable one.


Day one sleeping peacefully                       Flashing his dimples at 6 months

Shortly after we had visited my video game loving brother, who is always showing Haydn all kinds of cool new things, I asked Haydn what kind of birthday party he wanted this year.  So, inspired by Uncle Marc, Haydn said he wanted a Megaman party.  A what?  Exactly.  Megaman is a video game that started in the 80's and has had multiple updated versions and now even a cartoon show.  Since I thought it would be a little tricky to do just a Megaman party (and it was likely NONE of his friends would have any idea who that was) we decided on a superhero party that would include Megaman.

Kaped Kandy Kones provided by the tres-fabulous Genevieve from Celebration Today... the Superchick Way!  She also made the ruffles on the dessert table and the awesome 'SuperHaydn' banner shown below.  She rocks!

Assorted superhero inspired cookies

  'Power Pops' were cherry vanilla marshmallows covered in white chocolate, YUM!

'Kryptonite Krunch' aka spearmint candy

                                The very retro Megaman

He got them all out in one blow!

Nana and Papa gave him a dress up box which included a handmade Darth Vader cape and handmade Luke Skywalker/Karate Kid costume.  Haydn loved the Luke/Karate costume so much he wore it the rest of the day, then slept in it, and continued to wear it all day Sunday!  Nicely done mom!

For the party activity the kids got to decorate their very own superhero capes and masks.  Here is my daughter Ryann making big superhero plans to save the world with their friend Ashley.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My resolution: Keep up my blog better!

Happy New Year everyone!  Sorry to have been so MIA over the last month, but I was chained to my kitchen making hundreds of Christmas cookies :)  I promise to be better in the coming year about keeping up the blog, so I'm starting fresh with a New Years Day post!

2010 was a great year, lots of fun cookies made, new flavors invented, great new connections made through The Childrens Party Network, and now new products added in addition to cookies!  Thanks to my total ADD in the kitchen (I'm always wanting to try new things!) and the encouragement of a new connection, I have now added handmade marshmallows to the Dandy Delights product line.  My first experiment was orange cream marshmallows.  According to the group of six friends/neighbors that inhaled them at a get-together, they were a grand success!  One genius friend even fired up the stove-top and starting toasting them, making them even better.  Note to fans though: Do not roast marshmallows on a metal fork.  Your tongue will not be happy ;)  We switched to bamboo skewers after that :)


Orange Cream Marshmallows topped
with original shortbread cookies

Since there was nothing left of the orange cream batch on the 30th, of course I HAD to make more for New Years Eve.  The second flavor was Vanilla Butter Nut, equally tasty.

As I mentioned before, I had the great pleasure of making lots of new party people friends this year over at CPN, some of which turned into fun, creative collaborations.  As many of you saw on a previous post, my first collaboration was with Khaliah over at The Party Muse on a Halloween cookie giveaway.  I also had the pleasure of working with Deanna at Pink Laundry Events, Genevieve from Celebration TODAY... The Superchick Way!, Kim at Little Ladybug Designs, Nicole at Dough-A-Deer,  and my good friend (and also huge supporter and great encouragement!) Terri at Terri's Party Treasures and Crafty Workin Mommy.  If you haven't tried Terri's cake balls yet, get to her site ASAP!!!  They are sooooo good!  I was also able to inspire a good friend into business herself, Nikki at The Sweetest Thing.  It's been great having a friend in the same business to share tips, tricks, and ideas with.  

For Deanna at
Pink Laundry Events


For Genevieve at
Celebration TODAY
(aka Superchick!)


One of the multiple fun orders I had the pleasure of doing for Terri at Terri's Treasures

For Kim at Little Ladybug Designs    

Stay tuned for more pics on upcoming team projects for Valentines Day.  And remember, nothing says "I Love You" like a custom decorated cookie!  Ok, maybe diamonds do too, but I prefer cookies!

Happy New Year everyone!!!