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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I know, I know, I know....

I am seriously the worst blogger EVER!!!!! I honestly don't even know how long it has been since I posted something. I thing last spring. Or possibly late winter. I'd have to look to know for sure, but then if I stop to do that I'll get distracted and the next thing you know I'll be in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher or get sucked into Pinterest, or maybe, HEY! There's a squirrel!  Sigh... sorry, easily distracted. Which is why I got so lazy with the blog. 

I told my husband that if he got me a tablet for my birthday this summer it would make staying regular on my blog so much easier. So, I got a Transformer tablet for my birthday. I bought her a pretty pink case and named her Optimus (for obvious reasons). As my birthday was July 1st you can see that it didn't help get me back on the blogger track. Instead, it made me really, really good at Words with Friends, among other leisurely sit-on-my couch-while-I-surf-the-internet pursuits (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).

Instead of trying to catch everyone up to date on the dozens and dozens of cookies I have done over the last nine-ish months, I'll just post a few of the highlights along with this years Valentines designs. 

Cookies for the DJ's at 98.7 AMP Radio
1st birthday cookies to match the invitation
designed by the crafty and creative mommy

The Big Bad himself for a
Red Riding Hood party by Terri's Treasures
Cookies for a corn roast and bonfire

Elvis cookies for the
CPN event in Memphis
Dr. Suess!
Owl cookies for a
 'Look Whooo's 1" party
Happy Halloween Characters

Independence Day cookies to match
designs by Whimsical Printables
Baby Shower platter

Baby shower cookies that
matched the invitation
My cousins Krystle's wedding shower

Navy & Ivory Bridal Shower
50th birthday for an avid golfer

Gymnastics themed birthday 

I did save a couple of my faves from last year for my next post. One hint, they link to my nerdy side :)

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